Swinging on a Star by David Trinidad

This two-part collection by the beloved, award-winning poet looks at mortality, celebrity, pop culture, poetry, dreams, and otherworldliness in often disarming ways.

“Bedrock at Night” (think The Flintstones) is the title poem of the first section, with tributes to Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Hollywood idols, and more. The second part is an extended Neruda-esque ode to a life cut short: that of singer Buddy Holly.

Taliban Beach Party by Eric Howard

Eric Howard’s debut poetry collection reveals the secrets that bind office work to war, Gidget to the damned, the Bible to popular song, mythology to fact, and Los Angeles to Ovid. On a bicycle ride through heavy traffic, it versifies the last days of a failed pimp, gives a tarot reading to warplanes, and deciphers the hieroglyphics of lost empire.

Nomadologies by Erdağ Göknar

The poems in Nomadologies connect moments of separation and union in a life lived between Turkey and America. Taking its organizing principle from the grammar of nomadic life, Nomadologies reveals that mobility is the most efficient strategy for sustaining contradictory existences. Here, we learn that poetry is a landscape of inhabitation, and perpetual exile is one’s home.

The Late Show by David Trinidad

“Deeply personal, yet cooly postmodern, no other writer besides David Trinidad makes the interface between our private memories and our cultural ones appear so seemless. At times, variously giddy, gossipy, melancholy, obsessive, and euphoric, his voice has an amazing plasicity as he slips between genres and forms, tradition and invention,with assurance and grace. The Late Show is a unique collection of interlocking facets: art literary memoir, part film encyclopedia, part shrine and momento mori—and always undeniably, pure poem.”
—Elaine Equi

Plasticville by David Trinidad

Plasticville is a book about a special kind of bliss, the bliss of invention, and collecting, and above all valuing the bits and pieces of popular detritus that constitute our lives…. Trinidad’s warm intelligence makes poetry that is deft but true, dazzling but vulnerable, and plastic but classic.”
—Molly Peacock

Phoebe 2002: An Essay in Verse by David Trinidad by Lynn Crosbie by Jeffery Conway

A groundbreaking deconstruction of the classic 1950 film All About Eve, Phoebe 2002 is a collaborative epic poem/essay that zings in and out of scenes and makes a thousand connections within the world of popular culture. Phoebe 2002 is a treasure trove of forms woven seamlessly into a text that pushes the limits of poetry and film criticism.

Eternity on Hold by Mario Susko

In the midst of war and chaos, Susko maintains a spirit of wonder in his exquisitely crafted verse.

“Conversion,” a poem in this collection, was shortlisted for the prestigious Guardian Forward Poetry Prize.

Chicken, Shadow, Moon & More by Mark Strand

Former Poet Laureate, Pulitzer Prize winner, and MacArthur Fellow Mark Strand offers an exquisite book of lists in a beautifully produced gift book format.

—Charles Simic

Warning Track by Tony Sanders

“Playful, brooding, skeptical, ironic—Sanders turns high-jinks edginess into compassionate art in this crafty and urgent book of warnings.”
—Edward Hirsch

Sanders models the book’s title poem after Eliot’s The Waste Land. A brash parody evolves into an elegiac homage as Sanders comes to terms with a world ever on edge and, at times, over it.