At this time I have five cats; Bodice, Susie, Spooky, Holly and Mrs. Brown.  Brenda Eddy at Main Street Feed, Durham 349-0410 is the best person to contact for help with these cats.  She runs a rescue group Cause for paws.  Bill Nelson and Josh Nelson are the only people who can catch any one of these cats.  I have two big and one small animal carriers.

My veterinarian is Dr. Robert Olson of Pieper Olson, 730 Randolph Road, Middletown, CT phone 3471122.  He has cared for my animals ever since I came here.  He has cared for my cats for 11 years, ever since the day I found them beside my house.  Please go to him.  He will remember me.

Bodice likes to be cozy laying in a lap.  She is black and white and a white “bodice.”  Susie is quite big with a big head.  She is black and white and somewhat timid, but wants love.  Difficult to catch.

Spooky is gray. She is fearful and wants to be outdoors. Very afraid of strangers. Difficult to catch. Only Bill and Josh Nelson can do it.

Holly came later.  She turned up in December 2002.  I fed her outdoors all winter and finally gained her trust in the spring.  She is the only short haired cat.  She is black and white.  She is smart, friendly and likes be nearby.  She follows me around, but is not much of a lap sitter.

Mrs. Brown turned up in December 2003, starving, scared and miserable.  She will not permit herself to be touched. Although she will approach for food, any hand movement scares her away.  She lives in studio and bedroom, but lives a life independent of the other cats.  Likes to be outdoors.  Has killed bird and chipmunk.

They all hunt and are sometimes successful, I’m sorry to say.  Birds, rodents and frogs, too.