More Than Everything: My Voyage with the Gods of Love

Beatrix Ost

Beatrix Ost’s memoir of her artistic awakening and early marriage opens on the heels of Germany’s recovery from the self-imposed disasters of World War II. She is part of the new generation that dances disobediently in the bombed-out villas and underground jazz caverns of Munich. Beatrix rides the dynamic decade up through the world of art, fashion, and cinema into the revolution of politics and consciousness.

  • “Beatrix uses words like she uses paint. . .with brush strokes so vivid and rich I feel as if I’m there watching as her story unfolds. I love this book!” —Sissy Spacek

  • "This exhilarating, beautifully written memoir, dotted with photos and drawings, bursts with Ost's love of life and passion for art." —Candace Smith, Booklist