All Aboard

Joe Ashby Porter

With All Aboard acclaimed fiction writer Joe Ashby Porter ventures into new, sometimes unprecedented territory, from the luxe restraint of Merrymount through the stops-out eroticism of Pending, and the distilled heebie-jeebies of Dream On. Here reading, travel, and sexual orientation (and disorientation) loom larger than before in Porter, and the dialogue gives new play for what Harry Mathews has called Porter’s golden ear. The whole collection unfolds as does each component, laying track just ahead of the speeding train of thought.

“He takes types typically represented as American disasters and rehabilitates them through their own ability to articulate themselves. What’s more, Porter in this process sustains an effort to reclaim for all a considerable portion of our very own language that has steadily been bobbing out with the tide. Understanding perhaps the possibility that the narrower our lexicon, the more likely we are to be victimized by our own minds.”
— James Tierney