The Drug of Choice

Christopher Cahill
  • "Cahill has reinvented the Roman erotic elegy for modern New York: lust, rage and longing are given play in verse that ranges from the raw to the exquisitely formal." — Edward Conlon

  • "Christopher Cahill uses poetry and prose, truth and fiction, frank obscenity and polished formal verse to reflect back to us the only contemporary love that dare not speak its name -- male heterosexual adulterous desire.... The Drug of Choice is powered by a love of truth and a love of women. It is shocking and it is a masterpiece." — Caitlin Flanagan, Staff Writer, The New Yorker

  • "These poems will keep you on your toes with their exciting mix of lust and formality, the happy shuffling together of curb-talk and cultured discourse. The selections in The Drug of Choice are a guaranteed buzz, and some are strong enough to get you off for days." — Billy Collins