The waves slobbered over us –
thrusting foamy fingers into
every orifice they could. I
find it strange that no one
has spoken much about the
depravity of water. How
darkness bends to its lascivious
words. O to be like Jonah
swallowed whole by a whale,
or to sit like Hart Crane
at the bottom of the ocean
smoking a cigarette afterward.




What a cooling canopy —
latticework of leaves. 

What a panoply of perspectives
get folded into that airy confection
known as a park. 

Flowers and hedges
push and pull 

but mustn’t limit the way we see.
No, in this of all places, a certain
care-less-ed-ness is necessary 

if we are to wander unobstructed
onto the past’s curved paths, 

lean upon its literary lampposts,

and nod our wordless hello
to the tall, distinguished trees.

I remember when people
used their hands to gesture,

and would meet each other’s eyes
with curiosity or annoyance,
but now everyone looks down,
studying their palms intently.

A list of portraits done today might be: 

Old Man with Phone
Professional Woman with phone
Buff Body Builder with Phone
Paint Spattered Artist with Phone
Mother and Child, Each with Phone




scientists have discovered
is like a thickening agent

added to electrical soup.
From it came all manner

of matter in infinite sizes,
shapes, and colors. In malls

across the multi-verse
our planet is known to have

the best shopping around.
God appears in myriad forms,

but does s/he really care
what story we buy into?

Poised between chaos and
intelligent design, it turns

out the molecule could
support either theory.

God’s own benevolent
way of saying, “Whatever.”