1. Jose Arango backstage, 1974.
  2. John Heys in Lana Turner’s gown, 1979.
  3. Larry Ree backstage, 1973.
  4. Mario Montez backstage, 1974.
  5. Alexis Del Lago backstage, 1974.
  6. Mario Montez backstage, 1974.
  7. John Flowers backstage, 1974.
  8. Showgirl backstage, 1974.
  9. Sheyla asleep backstage, 1974.
  10. John Heys as The Hat Rack.

Copyright © 1987 The Peter Hujar Archive LLC; Courtesy Pace Gallery, New York and Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

Peter Hujar

Peter Hujar (1934-1987) was a leading figure in the group of artists, musicians, writers, and performers at the forefront of the cultural scene in downtown New York in the 1970s and early ’80s. He was known for his uncompromising attitude toward work and life. He was a consummate technician, and his portraits of people, animals, and landscapes, with their black-and-white tonalities, were influential. His first (and last) book, Portraits in Life and Death, with an introduction by Susan Sontag, was published in 1976.